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Harrier down with 6 great players.

PsychoBishop, Oct 7, 10 3:22 AM.
Quality Over Quantity

First raid, Quarm down.

Tyrantp, Oct 3, 10 1:06 AM.
Well we decided to do a test run, started with 9 ended with 16 and a dead Quarm. Grats NU. We're still looking for GOOD players. Players that can learn and take criticism constructively. See our Application section for details.

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                                                     NUKLE UP PUNK AND LETS HAVE SOME FUN!
Welcome to Nukle Up’s internet hang out. Enjoy your stay. Or don’t. We don’t really give a shit.

Here’s the deal: we are a guild composed of random high end raiders from across all servers who for some unknown reason have decided to make Trakanon our new home. Our plan is to catch up to current standards and start raiding the hardest shit this game can throw at us, in as little time as possible. Sure it’s been done before, but it’s still fun to see just how fast we can do it again starting from scratch.

We do however take into account the fun factor of doing old school shit, and have been recently raping whatever semi challenging (or not) content while we grind up and prep for the big boy raids. We don’t tolerate drama, and if you are looking for a guild you can slack along for the ride with, you might want to look elsewhere.

That being said, we are looking for some more hardcore players that share our mindset and have a good grasp of how to play this old time sink, or at least are willing to follow directions and pay attention. We will actually go out of our way to help you with your epic or your naked wood elf illusion or whatever the fuck it is you’re after, but only after you prove yourself a bit.

So stop in our forums! Say hi, drop an app, post some memes or porn, but only app if you are really ready to commit to being the top end of this here ghetto server of ours. And yes we realize our current competition is about as intimidating as a baby with a shit filled diaper, but hopefully that will change too.

                                 NUKLE UP PUNK AND LET’S HAVE SOME FUN

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